• Clean Air and Sustainable Environment (CASE) Project of the government of Bangladesh executed by the Department of Environment (DoE) has contracted Xian Institute, China, strategic partner of CEA, to establish a Brick Technology and Information Centre (BTIC) to raise awareness among and build capacity of different stakeholders involved in the brick industry regarding modern energy efficient and less polluting brick technologies.

Background of the Project

The transformational change in the brick sector is being spearheaded by projects initiated by the World Bank along with some other initiatives from various donor agencies.

The World Bank, under the umbrella project called the Clean Air & Sustainable Environment Project (CASE Project), has been dealing with redesigning and demonstration of the existing zigzag kilns and the piloting and demonstration of the small-scale VSBK technology in different locations throughout the country.
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Objective of the Project

The objective of the project is to sustain the interest created in various cleaner and more energy efficient technologies by continuous engagement with interested stakeholders, by raising awareness, by improving necessary technical capabilities, and by facilitating investments in these technologies.
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